Selected works from Salt Series

Untitled 11-20
20" x 30"

I discovered white mountains by chance out of my car window in Boston, seduced by raking light on a white, crystalline material shaped by wind, rain, and heavy machinery. The mountains were made of de-icing road salt formed on the banks of the Chelsea River, shoveled off cargo ships traveling from the Atacama Desert of northern Chile, where I later learned the salt is mined. Over many months I observed as the piles were continuously removed and replenished from a seemingly endless supply. I observed mountains emerge and disappear.

In the photographs, I seek to convey my personal experience of the the salt-yard landscape, somewhere between the seen and imagined, confounding the shaping hand of humans with the hand of nature. The piles are temporary, yet enduring. Thousands of tons of material travels thousands of miles to arrive on the bank of the river, waiting to be distributed throughout the city. The material is spread on every road, yet there is little thought of its history. Through the framing of the camera, I aim to monumentalize the mundane, suggesting that there is more to the world around us than what we might observe at first glance.