"All Positions Depend" at ACRE Projects, Chicago. New works by Fontaine Capel, Allison Cekala, Jory Drew, Kimi Hanauer, and Yun Ingrid Lee. Curated by Josh Rios. May 4-20, 2018

Fundir is screening in the Experimental Program at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival on Saturday, April 21, 2018, 7pm and at Festival Internacional de Cinema e Video Ambiental, Goiás, Brasil June 5-10, 2018

"THIS IS REVOLTING" BOOK IS OUT! A full color, 64 page, physical manifestation of, an open call and online exhibition that I created following the election in November 2016. Book made in collaboration with artist and book designer, Chase Carter.

Full Color
68 Pages
6" x 9"
Self-published first edition, April 2017.

All proceeds go to ACLU Nationwide and Planned Parenthood Action.



Still from upcoming film, The End of the River, following the path of the Rio Grande River